Just In from Maruca Designs

Our newest shipment of Maruca bags and purses contains new designs and lots of new spring colors. From small coin purses to the largest tote bag, all are fashionable yet very functional.  Where you love a small sling bag or wristlet to use on an evening out, or maybe you prefer a more classical bag that is large enough to carry everything you might need Maruca Designs has the right bag for you


Maruca bags are 100% USA made and vegan-friendly.   Based in Boulder, Colorado, Maruca Designs works with small, independent U.S. fabric mills to create its own line of Jacquard fabrics.  The fabric threads are cottons, rayons and synthetics—many of which are from recycled plastic!  Maruca bags are designed for women of all ages. “After 20 years of working with women, we have learned to listen!  Not driven by trend, heeding the advice from our followers and endless reconnaissance, our funk-tional shapes are designed to actually work in your life!”



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