January: Gandee Pottery 10% Off

Gene Gandee’s work is one of the most comprehensive pottery collections in our shop. We adore the individuality of each batch from his kiln. Sometimes the greens are mellow, sometimes the reds really pop. It’s cool to see what Gene produces with each kiln firing. Gandee’s newest glaze is a gorgeous blue-green that’s selling quickly! His attractive renditions of functional designs like french-style butter keepers, soup-and-cracker bowls, syrup pitchers, and chip n’ dip platter are tried-and-true gifts. In January, we offer a special deal on work by this talented Florida potter both in the shop and online. Save 10% off Gandee Pottery in January by liking Brooke Pottery on Facebook or using code Gandee10 for online purchases at brookepottery.com. gandee_jan2014

For over 30 years I have experimented with clay and kiln. My works form and function represents the end product of each firings secret. Every time I unload the kiln I look for the subtleties in the glaze and clay interaction. I’ll spin that knowledge into the next firing. For the past 6 years I have been high firing in the electric kiln. I incorporate ash glazes on most of the functional stoneware and crystalline glazes of the decorative porcelain vases. I’m always overwhelmed by some of the happy experiments, which is the driving element of my art. -R. Gene Gandee

Chicken Bakers, $50
Chicken Bakers, $50
Gandee Pottery Wine Cooler / Utensil Holder
Wine Cooler/Utensil Holder, $45
Butter Keeper, $38
Butter Keeper, $38

Oval Tray, $65
Oval Tray, $65
Mixing Bowl, $38
Mixing Bowl, $38
Chip n' Dip, $53
Chip n’ Dip, $53


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