Save the Date! Don Nedobeck at Brooke Pottery Dec. 13


NEDcalendar2014_1Enjoy Don Nedobeck’s art every day of the year with the 2014 Fanciful Feline Calendar. Call us to reserve a copy, shop online or better yet, drop by the shop on Friday, Dec. 13, to meet Don Nedobeck in person. Mr. Nedobeck will be here 6-9 pm, entertaining us with stories and signing autographs. Don’t miss an evening with this charming artist!

If there is one word to describe artist, storyteller, musician, husband and father Don Nedobeck, it would be expressionist. To listen to his name is to hear the sounds of basic keys on a clarinet, Ne-do-beck, and with practice it becomes more fluid. Talking with Nedobeck is like sitting in your most comfortable old worn out chair with a fat, furry feline nestled upon your chest. Besides his greatest talent of putting people at ease, he’s a man capable of anything. You see, ever since Nedobeck was a boy, he was encouraged by his parents, a Russian father, also a fine artist, and a Polish mother whose landscaped garden surpassed Boerner’s Botanical’s gardens, to use two very important gifts: his imagination and his creativity. It was his creativity that allowed him to draw life from a whimsical point of view during his “occupational development” period as Good Humor man, stock boy, grain inspector and meter reader for the gas company. -Carmen Alicia Marguia


Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a self-described collection of “old favorites by your favorite old guys” performed by the jazzy musicians of The Nedobeck Trio. Absolutely lovable from start to finish. Buy Here

Nedobeck’s Alphabet Book is a fantastical voyage through the ABCs. Where else but from the imagination of Don Nedobeck would you find “Herrietta Hen and her horrendous hairdo” or “Terri the tall tan thin tiger talking with three tiny toads by their toy truck”? All three Nedobeck books are currently in stock.

Nedobeck Books


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