Sparkling Summer Earrings by Renaissance Glass Studio – $30 or less

Renaissance Glass Earrings

Renaissance Glass Jewelry is handcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.  The team of skilled artisans at Renaissance have discovered a magical world of color and light in the dichroic glass color patterns that they have perfected in 30 years of experimentation and testing.  The glass is fired in a kiln to over 1400 degrees, in several layers.  Multiple firings over many hours are required to produce the beautiful colors.  Once they discover the exact formula for a created a color, it is carefully reproduced. It may be a time-consuming and tedious process, but the results are dazzling!

We simply love the striking color combinations and the affordable price. Earrings are just $23-$30 per pair. Click any photo to shop on our website.

Renaissance Glass Orb EarringsMore about the techniques used by Renaissance Glass Studio:

The glass we use in our jewelry is called dichroic glass. The glass was first developed for scientific applications such as lasers and space mirrors. Vaporized metal oxides are deposited in microscopically thin layers using a specialized vacuum chamber. The type of metal oxides used and the number of layers determines the final color. There are no pigments used in dichroic glass. The raw material is perfectly clear. The colors in the glass are produced from the light being bent in a prism effect, exactly like what occurs in rainbows and dragonfly wings. Unlike dyes or pigments which absorb 50 percent of the light, about 95 percent of the light is reflected back to your eyes. This phenomena accounts for the unusual brilliance of the glass. Our process involves using many layers of thin glass and many steps to arrive at a finished piece. We fire the glass in a kiln four or five times to achieve just the right effect. Each firing is at precise temperatures between 1300 and 1450 degrees depending on the stage. A firing can take up to 15 hours as the glass must heat and cool very slowly. When the firing is over, we then cut, shape, and polish the finished pieces. We hope you enjoy wearing our jewelry. We have a great time making it.

EARGItriangle_purple2Renaissance Glass Teardrop EarringsRenaissance Glass Teardrop Earrings


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