Stunning Silver Jewelry by Joan Z. Horn

Jewelry pieces by Joan Z. Horn are studies in line, color and movement. She fabricates individual elements from Sterling Silver and 14Kt. Gold, accenting her intriguing designs with freshwater pearls and Garnet, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Iolite and Amethyst. The results are exquisite.


The Four Seasons necklace is arguably the most spectacular jewelry item to grace our shop this year. Attach the silver centerpiece to any combination of the four necklace strands for a variety of looks. Intertwine multiple strands of freshwater pearls in white, green and copper and one strand of Black Onyx – or use each strand separately. The silver pendant depicts beautifully stylized natural icons – leaf, sun, raindrop and snowflake.


Four Sasons Necklace



Joan Z. Horn
Joan Z. Horn
Joan hails from New York with a BFA in metal smithing from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

“I love working in my studio, and my hands feel most at home when they have a pliers in them. Tools that were never intended for jewelry lead me into whole new directions. I question my auto mechanic about devices he uses. When the plumber comes for household repairs I inspect his tubing cutters and torch tip. A tube wringer from a dental supply catalog inspires new lines of jewelry. I visualize everything in the world as if it were a piece of jewelry. Musical notes from the sheet music in choir become a brooch pattern. Gates in Barcelona become a pendant. I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I did creating it!” – Joan Z. Horn


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