Follette Pottery is Retiring

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kent and Libby Follette on their recently announced retirement! Gloria Brooke met the Follettes years ago at the Philadephia market, and it has been our pleasure to share Kent’s wonderful pottery with our customers for over 20 years. The recipes that Kent and Libby provide with their pottery are just the sort of personal touch that reveals the Follettes’ jovial personalities. Read on for details and a chance to send your own retirement message to Kent and Libby.
Follette Pottery is Retiring
Brooke Pottery has a good selection of Follette baking and serving pieces in ivory/blue, ivory/green, and red/green glazes. We are extremely low on dinnerware, however. If you want a particular piece for your Follette collection, please let us know. We will do our very best to get it.
Kent Follette Pottery

A bit of Kent’s retirement letter that we think you’ll enjoy:

We want to thank each and every one of you, our friends, for being great customers and patrons of our work. Libby and I have lived the dream of being professional artists for the past 32 years. Not everyone with a fist full of clay and a put together with bailing wires potters wheel can pull off what we have.

I woke up about two months ago and decided that I just did not want to go down to the studio. I realized that I have been working 7 days a week since the beginning of the recession and that I wanted to pursue other creative things for a change. I even wanted a weekend off and maybe a chance to go fishing. I rolled over and told Libby that I was quitting and she said, “Good, it’s about time!” Then she wanted to know just what it was that I was quitting.

We have put the whole plantation on the market. You get the house, pond, land, gift shop, studio and one pretty good GMC pickup truck with 375,000 miles on it.

Sounds like quite a deal!

In a wonderful article about the Follettes, Nancy Bergeron of the Ruston Daily Leader writes :

One you’ve seen a Follette creation, you can spot another one a mile off. The functionality, the design, just the way the piece feels when you hold it.

Just by being good at what they do, the Follettes have helped put Ruston on the map. Follette pottery is in more than 300 galleries nationwide. Their studio and gift shop are among Lincoln Parish’s top tourist draws.

It’s not even a secret that the Follettes have probably given as much pottery to good causes as they’ve made in the studio next to the pond where the catfish will eat out of your hand.

“We’re blessed to have been here,” Kent says. Maybe so, but that works both ways. Ruston and Lincoln Parish have been blessed too. Because one of the best potters in the country, who could have lived and worked anywhere, decided to call this community home.

Follette Studio in Louisiana

Let’s show the Follettes how much we appreciate their work. Leave your own message below, and we will include it in Brooke Pottery’s retirement card for Kent & Libby.


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