Swoon! Luminous Glass Jewelry by Michael Vincent Michaud

Michael Vincent Michaud EarringsMichael Vincent Michaud Jewelry Breathtaking. Absolutely stunning. Introducing luminous cast glass jewelry by Michael Vincent Michaud. {applause and swooning here}

This is the first jewelry collection by Michael Vincent Michaud, son of esteemed designer Michael Michaud. Michael Vincent has studied glass making extensively with America’s finest glass artists at programs and Corning and Urban. He has collaborated with his father on Silver Seasons jewelry, designing pieces for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery in D.C., and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Micheal Vincent Michaud JewelryMichael Vincent Michaud JewelryWe were struck by the luminosity of Michael’s cast glass and metal jewelry at market this winter. Nearly everyone walking down the aisle drew in a breath, then became entranced by the soft touches of color set within brushed gold metal frames. The softness of the finishes is unusal. And while the cast bronze is layered in gold or silver, there’s a resemblance to the distinctive green bronze metal of Silver Seasons jewelry. When we saw the name Michaud, we immediately understood the heirloom quality of this collection. Silver Seasons jewelry has been a favorite at Brooke Pottery for decades, appealing to women of all ages. Michael Vincent’s jewelry is destined to do the same with it’s fresh color palatte and classic shapes.

Michael Michaud Jewelry Left: Swirl Collar and Pendant necklaces by Michael Vincent Michaud. Stop in soon to the entire collection or browse the Brooke Pottery online shop.


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