Art Glass Nail Files – Now for Dogs, Too

Art Glass Nail FilesArt Glass Nail FilesNail Files for Dogs

Art glass nail files are back, including new Happy Paws files for dogs. How could we resist matching nail files for Fido? Happy Paws are a safe grooming tool with no risk of cutting tissue or damaging paws. Use it on dogs up to 200 lbs. ; help puppies overcome foot shyness.

For people, medium files ($18) are great for every day use while small files ($15) are perfect for pocket and purse. Files come in a black velvet sheath with a one-of-a-kind fused glass bead on the end for easier handling of the file. Handmade in USA.

 Based in Portland, Ellyn Ford and Jean Wilson lead Eye for the Find, a company of artists crafting distinctive products to brighten your every day. Ellyn (left) debuted her first product line, the original handcrafted art-glass nail files, in 2006 at small local arts-and-crafts shows. Today, her art-glass nail files are found in fine boutiques, spas and gift shops throughout the world. Jean (right) is a gifted glass artist who specializes in creating unique works from dichroic glass. As the lead artist, she creates the multi-dimensional cabochons that embellish each of the art-glass nail files.


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