Chamberlain Pottery is new to our Online Shop

We are happy to finally share Chamberlain Pottery via our online shop. For out-of-towners, we offer shipping by UPS ground. If you’re local, feel free to shop online and choose free pick-up at the store. Gift wrapping is free with either option. Chamberlain Pottery at Brooke Pottery

Tom Chamberlain got his start with clay back in 1974, when the craft movemant was starting to take off and everyone was in the “hippie” or “back to land” mode. Tom taught himself to throw, glaze, and fire a gas kiln. Perfecting the art/craft of clay over 35 years, Tom and his wife Denise have produced a distinct collection of American stoneware. Each and every pot their Florida studio makes is creative, fun, beautiful, and functional – all in one.

Chamberlain is one of our best-selling potters. The large collection of baking dishes, kitchen accessories and dinnerware makes it a great choice for collecting over the years. There’s always something new to add. Tom and Denise include their own recipes for a special touch – a perfect idea for pottery that is often selected as gifts. Customers love the imaginative nautical-themed dishes in particular. Dolphin trays, Grouper Platters, Lighthouse Bakers, Crab Serving Bowls, and Spade Fish Quiche Bakers make distinctive Florida gifts. Most items are available in six colors of glaze. We can special order the color of your choice if we do not have it in stock. Just fill out the inquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.


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