New Fragrant Wax Bowls by Habersham

Habersam Frangrant Wax Vessels The Holiday Collection by Habersham Candle Company arrived this week and the shop smells WONDERFUL! New fragrances include Chocolate Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Cranberry Spice, Winter Garden, Eco Aire and Christmas Gift. Designed to release fragrance without burning, the wax bowls and spheres are handcrafted in Georgia and feature dried and silk floral decorations.

Warm your home this holiday season with rich and exotic fragrant wax centerpieces by Habersham Candle Company.

Christmas Gift Fragrant BowlChristmas Gift, as you might guess, features the fragrance of the original gifts from the Three Wise Men. The rich and exotic scents of Frankincense and Myrrh are melded sweetly with gold foliage in Christmas Gift wax bowls and spheres. Another special design is Eco Aire. This product combines Habersham’s gorgeous botanics with DeoEssence® Fragrance Technology. Developed to bond with unpleasant odors and leave behind a powerful message of fresh outdoor air. Enticing scents of crisp frosted ozone infused with wild herbs and cool transparent musk. A powerful, yet pretty, weapon against strong household odors. Visit the shop or shop online to see our new arrivals from Habersham Candle Company.

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