New Arrivals: Still Life Clay Wall Art

We are happy to have clay art wall hangings by Florida artists C.C. and Shiu Ping Lee back in stock! The clay tiles are enchanting still life depictions of orchids, bamboo, birds, dragonflies and koi, employing reflective pastel glazes to accentuate the fluid lines of hand-carved imagery. We love the textural nature of each clay tile – the embossed background produced by rolling the clay out on burlap, the way the clay flattens into rough edges- gorgeous! Each unique piece embodies grace and beauty. Use a single wall tile to softly color a small space; arrange a series of tiles to create a graceful focal point for a room. Since the organic nature of the clayworks adds to their charm, it may surprise you that the clayworks also look great framed in a more formal setting. If you are searching for custom framing, Fast Frame in Downtown Lakeland can help. Unframed clay art tiles are available at Brooke Pottery. Small tiles, $43, measure approximately 7″x9″ and large tiles, $88, are roughly 9″x18″.

Self-taught artists, C.C. and Shiu Ping Lee have perfected their fine art clayworks with over twenty years of practice. They’ve turned this shared love of art into a family business, selling at fine art shows and to galleries across the country.  Still, each one-of-a-kind piece is hand sculpted, glazed, and fired to preserve the natural and unique beauty of the artwork. Catch a glimpse of the artistic process in these photos of the Lee family at work in their South Florida studio.  


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