New Pottery by David Voll

Pierced Rim BowlWe are delighted to welcome new work by New Jersey potter David Voll. For a lighter step this spring, we ordered stoneware bowls, pictures and vases in Voll’s gorgeous yellow ash and moss green glazes. Completely made by hand, each piece is wheel thrown, hand shaped or carved with details, glazed and then fired to over 2200 degrees. David Voll’s pottery is safe for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Left: Pierced Rim Bowl in Moss Green, 11″ diameter, $213.

David Voll established his pottery studio at Batsto Village in southern New Jersey in 1976. Located within Wharton State Forest, Batsto Village is a historic community that has been preserved as a state park to exemplify early American history. The original Batsto community formed around an ironworks in the 1760’s, transformed into a window glassblowing community in the mid 1800’s, and then became a source of forestry and agricultural industry in the 1900’s.

Left: Tulip Vases in Moss Green, Small $70 and Large $95.

Waverly BowlThat history strongly intertwines with Voll’s pottery. David built his first kiln at Batsto from bricks salvaged from the abandoned Winslow brick works and spent a career working with local clays and developing glazes from local bog iron. David and his wife Lorraine, a weaver, lived and worked at Batsto Village park for over 20 years. In 1999, Voll moved his studio to Port Republic, NJ, where he can be found “practicing traditional techniques, balancing creativity and craftsmanship and trying to run a successful studio at the same time.” Bravo!

Left: 11″ oval shaped Waverly Bowl, $213.

Serving and Small Square BowlsDavid Voll’s serving bowls strike an elegant balance between strong lines and graceful curves.Five Sided 10″ Serving Bowl in Moss,$113. Square 5″ Salad/Soup Bowl, $30. Small 4″ Square Dip/Dessert Bowl, $20. Shop for David Voll Pottery now……


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