Interchangeable Glass Flower Bouquets

While they may need a little dusting from time to time, our extraordinary glass flower bouquets require zero water and will bloom forever.  These new arrivals come in beautiful color combinations: Sonoran Desert, Aloha, Black and White, and Champagne to name just a few.  The handblown glass flowers rest on stems of brushed aluminum or patinaed copper.

Our contemporary flower sculptures are handcrafted with an eye for practicality.  Each glass flower is removable and can be switched for another color- perfect for seasonal displays or for when you redecorate a room.  How clever is that? Choose from over 40 colors of glass.  Replacement flowers, jumbo flowers and wall sculptures are available by special order. Single stems $35, flowers with figures $82, and bouquets of five or seven flowers $105 – $233.

About the artist: Scott Johnson is a master glass artist who has been making glass flowers since 2003. Johnson began his artistic pursuits in bronze, creating limited edition works. His love and curiosity for visually appealing arts led him to ceramic sculptures combined with hand blown glass, and eventually to creating extraordinary glass flower bouquets. Scott Johnson lives in Arizona, with his wife, Shawn and six beautiful children. Together, the Johnsons pour their creative energy into making hand blown glass flowers, spending time with their family and building a successful business.

Flowers with Figures
Sonoran Bouquet

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