New Stained Glass Art by Sharon Earl Burridge

It is truly a pleasure to represent talented American craftspeople. Florida glass artist Sharon Earl Burridge is one such person, and she brought exciting new work to Brooke Pottery this month. 

Simply put, Sharon Burridge’s stained glass art enchants. The graceful linework and artful tapestries of color transport us into a realm where the wonders of the natural world stand still. Sharon Burridge has been working with glass since 1978 and is clearly a master of her craft. Her exhuberant passion for glass is contagious. “Finding the right color mixes and putting them together is my favorite! Like finding that special sheet of glass, knocks my socks off!” If you love glass, too, come visit Brooke Pottery to see these new stained glass pieces in person.

Above, Monet’s Garden, 16″x40″, $1,175. Below, Macaw Panels with Three Crow Glass ornaments. Macaw on branch, $340. Best Friends, $2,400.

Sharon loves “designing from nature, especially fish and corals, where there are great opportunities to use unusual glass to recreate the amazing colors and textures found in the ocean realm. Fun!”  The new 15″ round sea turtle panel is an excellent example,using textured and dichroic glass. Green sea turtle, $375.

Sharon’s circular swan window has a special place in our hearts, celebrating the beautiful white swans that have graced Lakeland since the 1920’s. Lake Morton and Lake Mirror are particularly good spots to observe scenes just like this in person. The swans really do make this heart pose when they dance together!

In addition to stained glass panels, Sharon Burridge also creates dichroic glass jewelry and small painted fused glass plates. She delights in creating custom work for clients, whether the project is big or small. So if you’ve been dreaming of a  french door installation or a small portrait of your dog and cat, we know a wonderful Florida artist who can help!  

Square plates, $22-68.


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