Dog Days of Summer at Brooke Pottery

New Junkyard Dog garden sculptures, wine caddies, and napkins holders by Rich Kolb of Yardbirds take center stage at Brooke Pottery this week for Downtown’s First Friday theme Dog Days of Summer. Register for the Pooch Parade here.

Yardbirds are handcrafted by Rich Kolb in Kentucky. Rich and his father created the first yardbird in 1991 while talking about and tinkering with scrap materials. Yardbirds were an instant hit! Today the Yardbirds menagerie is filled with hundreds of birds, cats, dogs and critters to decorate your home and garden. As an artist, Rich maintains a tradition of creating exciting new designs. He says, “The things in life that bring us the most joy are those which are fun and unexpected, not the mere necessities. I believe we can all benefit from a little more whimsy in our lives!” We agree whole-heartedly. Brooke Pottery has carried Yardbirds and Junkyard Dogs & Cats for more than 10 years, yet we continue to be surprised and delighted by new arrivals.

Also on First Friday, Florida artist Sharon’s Glass will be in the shop with pet-inspired glass jewelry. You may have admired Sharon’s spectacular stained glass windows depicting swans, flowers and aquatic scenes; Friday is your opportunity to meet Sharon and learn more about her work. And for kids who have yet to enter our holiday ornament contest , draw your design in the shop or pick up a form. Not only might your art be selected as our 2010 Holiday Ornament but the top 3 designers will be awarded savings bonds! Deadline is August 13.

Not a dog lover? Then check out the Junkyard Cats and Clippy Crawlies. Some of our new favorites are the skateboarding frogs, pincher crab and scorpion.

Junkyard Cats
Skateboarding Frogs,$44
Clippy Crawlie Crab,$32
Clippy Crawlie Scorpion,$49

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