Pewter and Glass Wall Sculptures by Leandra Drumm

Brooke Pottery is delighted to feature six enchanting pewter wall sculptures by Ohio artist Leandra Drumm this summer. About 12″ high, these mermaid, fairy and mother figures are a wondrous combination of whimsy and fine craftsmanship. The detailed forms are cast in pewter then combined with intricately etched glass gowns or mermaid tails. The garden fairy, for instance, offers a green glass “fruit” in her graceful, outstretched palms, while sunflowers grow across her green gown; the demure mermaids have tails of shimmering with geometric shapes and wild hair blowing in the ocean breeze.
Mother and Child Wall Figure Pewter and Glass Mermaid Figure
Above: Apple of My Eye, Mermaid in Green, and Masquerade by Leandra Drumm Designs
Leandra Drumm is the daughter of American sculptor Don Drumm and textile artist Lisa Drum. The influence of her father’s work is evident, but Leandra has developed her own signature style of highly patterned, cheerful characters. Leandra bestows an extraordinary amount of detail into her works of pewter and glass, creating small timeless works of art that radiate grace, imagination and beauty. Priced $68-80.

Pewter Figures at Brooke Pottery


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